About me

Environmental Artist ¬†At work! Exploring different dimensions in our environment including the environment of our brain, our body, our reality, our virtual, our memories, our dreams, our locality, our communities and any other vending machines around it. I dare you to explore and not make sense; then we’ll both realized we were meant to connect.


Luciano Copete is a Los Angeles based Environmental artist that questions the subjects of memory, time, reality, and the virtual world. He maintains transparency and relevance to his creative process, unleashing the power of the subconscious while building his interpretation of reality.



BFA: Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California 2013
2-year art residency: London, United Kingdom 2014
In Addition to his work, he is also an active member of the Hexpose Group which provide technological solutions integrating Art and Science as well as an ongoing contributor to independent projects empowering local communities, and nonprofit organizations.
He believes that art has the power of the unknown knowledge, which can provoke and inspire others to make personal connections in their search of a world full of infinite possibilities.

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