The Thinker 2016

Digital drawing, using memory and kinetic movements, connecting the inner system of my memory, keeping a transparent process, unifying lines in the space of imagination.


Teasing around with technology concepts, that can vary outside the limitations of computers and functionality.

Secret Societies

Digital drawing, triggering lines that initiate story telling. Letting Speculation and wonder set in the mind and memory.

LAX Chinatown

Deep study over the city dwellings in LAX Chinatown, taking by a diverse culture and appropriated to look and feel as you are there. But you are not!.

Closer Look At London

Internal investigation, about the beauty and culture in London, UK. Finding promising statements that can improve the social status of broken societies.

The Rat Who Killed Polly

Ink and watercolors on paper. This drawing is my tribute to Polly my dog who was killed while persecuting a rat in the street.

Haunting Ink on Paper

Ink on paper drawing, allowing the kinetic power to trigger my imagination, developing a story telling transposing the realm of reality.

The Trail To Kilimanjaro

Ink and watercolors on paper, small drawing announcing a path to something holy and better.