One on One Art Explorations

Through my artistic discovery I realized that each individual has a different interpretation of his/her tangible and intangible reach. The environment of our reality is most of the time full of doubt, randomness, “knowledge”, chaos, and many other qualities that can be explored. You can empower your intrinsic ability to recognize what is real and how to┬ámake it real. The environment of your reality becomes a dynamic structure that can be modify according to your necessities. You and YOU only have the power of yourself, to transform the wall of your present to become the bridge of your future.

The time is now; Make the best out of your reality!

The soul is crying for revelations, and is up to you to confront the higher powers of your self. Art can be a great way to explore the unknown in you.

Please sign up for any of this sessions, and let’s explore different possibilities.

  • The boring CEO/CFO/CIO/CIA/Cmyself
  • The “Not Eating” diet
  • How easy is to be a millionaire
  • Natural systems & observations-For inventors and alchemists
  • Urban Findings. To much time to shop
  • Calling your intrinsic desire and following it at all cost! I really want to find something new.
  • Roleplaying- Tell me who you are I’ll tell you who I can become.
  • Imaginary worlds. Dreams and memories, time to draw and write
  • I don’t Believe in Art- I am too SMART
  • Uncommon behavior-Exploring my animal instincts
  • Family displacement-I love Kids & Family- But I want to be by myself
  • Egocentric couple games- Do it Now, It makes me look better
  • Fantasy Games-Only if I knew How to Play
  • More stubborn than my stubborn kids. Intensive session for KIDS That think they know it all
  • Lonely Search-I am single and I like it, or maybe that is what they say!
  • Digital CyberMissions-I preferred to be hypnotized
  • Identifying the UFO in me. Maybe the genius is waiting


Due to the high volume of requests, as well as the personalized quality of this service, your request will be treated in the order it was received. However I will reply with a short email acknowledging the order and status of your order.

Customized encounters and sessions can be arranged according to your necessities.
All sessions are strictly personal and discrete. Traveling and locations can be accommodated by request




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